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Paper Shredders Guide


Paper Shredders have a great importance in every workplace, and here are some reasons why: 

1. Identity Fraud

  • Prevent the risk of having personal credentials stolen
  • Prevent any data breach 
  • This applies to both personal and corporate usage 

2. Law and Regulations

  • Certain workplaces have different confidentiality levels of documents to be destroyed
  • Choose the shredder most ideal with its cut size (Cross cut, micro cut, etc) - we will elaborate on this further below!

3. Clutter and Fire Hazards 

  • Shredding will save space, reduce clutter and facilitate recycling
  • Excess stacks of paper may be potential fire hazards, so shredding is a viable option! 


Not sure on what type of shredder to get? Follow our guide below to learn more about the different types of shredders! 

Step 1: Where are you using your shredder? 

  • Home, small office, large office, commercial use

Step 2: Decide on the shredder size and bin capacity that you will need 

  • A short video of the various types of HSM shredders as a guide - models might vary, do check with us with your requirements and we will assist you! 

Home shredder HSM SECURIO-C18 Shredder (Micro Cut 8 Sheets)

Small office shredder HSM B-Series Shredders 

Large office shredder HSM SECURIO B35 Series

Step 3: What are the items that need to be shredded commonly? 

  • Check the shredder product description: e.g. Staples, Paper Clips, Credit Cards, CDs, DVDs

Step 4: Decide on the security level required for your workspace - The higher the number, the finer the cut 

Step 5: Look out for additional key features that you require

  • Noise level 
  • Duty cycle (Run time): Manual feeding, Continuous shredding
  • Safety features
  • Eco-friendly / Energy saving mode 
  • Auto feed / Manual feed - you may learn more about the comparisons here

Cick here to shop for shredders!

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