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Shredders Maintenance


So you have a shredder but you notice that there are accumulation of paper dust, slower shredding or shredding lesser sheets.

Prolonged feeding of incorrect materials such as plastics or thick paper may also lead to paper jam and wear and tear of the cutter. 

Constant oiling of your shredders will help prolong its lifespan. A simple task, but usually neglected! 

Follow our easy guide in the video below to learn how to oil your shredder, the same method applies to most shredders: 


Shredder oil and shredder sheets can be used interchangeably as they are not brand specific. 

Do oil your shredders once every 4 to 6 months based on moderate daily usage. 

To ensure that your shredder runs smoothly, only feed copier paper, and other items that are part of its key features such as staples and cards. 

For any paper jam or technical difficulties, make sure the shredder is unplugged and look for any stuck bits that can be extracted with a tweezer. 


If problems persist, do not hesitate to contact your respective support hotline for assistance. 

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