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How to Select the Right Printer?


If you are buying a printer for first-time, it can be a little bit overwhelming to understand the features of each printer. Do you know that actually the printer model numbers provide a quick reference of the key features in a printer? Thus, you can save more time by understand the basic naming convention of a printer model. Let's look at the below examples.


Example 1





Example 2

Here are some of the important features when choosing a printer:

1. Colour vs Monochrome

Colour printer is any type of printer that able to print both black and colour; Monochrome printer is any type of printer that able to print in black only.

2. Inkjet vs Ink Tank vs Laser

Inkjet printers use standalone ink cartridges while ink tank printers get ink from individual ink tanks. Ink tanks able to hold more volume of ink than standalone cartridges. Unlike inkjet and ink tank printers, laser printers use toners for printing.

3. MFP - Multi-Function Printer / MFC - Multi-Function Center

MFP/MFC may include some or all of the following functions such as print, scan, photocopy, fax or email. Different printer models may offer different types of function.

F – Fax

D – Duplex

Printer able to print on both sides of paper without having to manually flip or reinsert the paper.

W – Wireless

A wireless printer allows users to print from different smart devices such as computers, smartphones, and tablet without having to connect them via cables.

N – Network

Network feature is typically an Ethernet port or Wi-Fi connectivity. Similar to N, if the printer model name is appended with NW, this means the printer is more than likely to have wireless networking as a feature and no physical Ethernet port.

With these important features, you can now click here to select your right printer!

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