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Styrodoc Trio Storage System w/12 Compartments Grey/Black

  • $169.19 Save 10%
  • Price before GST: $155.22

Retail Price: $187.99

Bulk Quantity    3 & above Bulk Price            $150.39 Save 20% *same colour, same size etc.

The Styrodoc paper and document solution is strong but versatile. The robust module provides a very good stability to the monitor, helps to organize the workstation around and allows especially a good ergonomic working place. Styrodoc is the ideal, clear storage box for paper, documents or folders up to C4 in size.

  • External Dimension: 723 x 331 x 293 mm (W x D x H)
  • Internal Dimension per compartment: 230 x 323 x 57 mm (W x D x H)