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Paprcuts Smartphone Cover (Big)

  • $20.65 Save 10%
  • Price before GST: $19.30

Retail Price: $22.89

Bulk Quantity    5 & above Bulk Price            $18.31 Save 20% *same colour, same size etc.

  • Weight: ​10g
  • Measurements: 14,7cm x 8,5cm x 0,2cm
  • Thinnest & Lightest Smartphone Covers, Durable & Protective
  • Handmade In Berlin. Not In 广东省. Why? Because It‘s possible To Produce Regionally Working Conditions Should Be Healthy, Safe & Fair
  • Fits: Samsung Galaxy S4, S3, HTC One, One S, Mini, Sony Xperia Z & V, Google Nexus, LG and All the Other Phones With Those Max. Measurements: 144mm x 75mm x 10mm

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