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Mouse Pads & Wristrests

3M Comfort Gel Wrist Rest w/Antimicrobial Protection (18" x 2.75") Leatherette

  • $29.10 Save 3%
  • Price before GST: $26.94

Retail Price: $30.00

Bulk Quantity    6 & above Bulk Price            $28.20 Save 6% *same colour, same size etc.

  • Soothing Gel Comfort Encourages Neutral Wrist Posture
  • Guaranteed Not to Leak & Puncture Resistant Under Normal Use
  • Easy to Clean Leatherette Cover with Antimicrobial Product Protection Inhibits the Growth of Microorganisms (eg. Bacteria) that can cause Stains, Odours & Product Degradation on the Product Surface