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Reinforcement Rings

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Retail Price: $2.20

Bulk Quantity: 20 & above Bulk Price: $1.77 (Save 20%) *same colour, same size etc.

Reinforce Punched Holes with Reinforcement Rings:

Discover enhanced durability for your documents with Reinforcement Rings – the simple yet effective solution to reinforce and protect punched holes. Reinforce your punched holes effortlessly with Reinforcement Rings, the small but mighty safeguard for your valuable paperwork.

These small, adhesive rings are designed to strengthen and prevent tearing in hole-punched papers, ensuring the longevity of your important records. Easily applied with a peel-and-stick mechanism, Reinforcement Rings provide a quick and hassle-free way to fortify loose-leaf pages, preventing wear and tear during handling and storage. Elevate the resilience of your documents with this cost-effective and straightforward solution.