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Shredders Manual vs. Auto

Having trouble deciding whether to get a manual feed or auto feed shredder? Our article here will help you with this selection. 

Shredders Maintenance

Noticed that your shredder is not performing as well? Follow our tips on how to oil and maintain your shredders here! 

Paper Shredders Guide

Not sure what paper shredders in Singapore to get? We have got you covered! Check this article for more information and features of our shredder machines. 

New Website

Welcome to the new Home n Office website.

How to Select the Right Printer?

Looking for a company or home printer? Here are the useful tips to select your right printer!

High Yield vs Standard Yield: How do differentiate between the model name?

A high yield cartridge offers higher page yield than the standard cartridge. Printer manufacturers may have some variations to name their cartridges because no standard naming convention is available for high yield cartridges. Let’s take a look on how to differentiate between high yield and standard yield cartridges model name.

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