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Shredders Manual vs. Auto


Choosing the right feed for shredders in your office will save time and effort to destroy confidential, sensitive information. 

Some points to think about: 

  • Budget
  • Space constraints 
  • Any noise requirements? 
  • Paper size commonly used in the workplace: A3 or A4? 

Here are some comparisons for you to weigh the pros and cons for manual feed vs. auto feed shredders. 

Manual Feed: 

  • Shreds faster
  • Requires human intervention
  • Lower noise level 
  • Has a limit to the amount that can be shredded 

Auto Feed: 

  • Shreds slower
  • Minimum human intervention
  • Higher noise level 
  • Usually bulky
  • Can shred higher volumes of paper 
  • Only able to shred A4 paper 

Some shredders offer both auto and manual feed as well, such as this Fellowes AutoMax-100M Shredder (Micro Cut 100 Sheets).

This video below will show how both feeds can be used: 

The choice is selective, and it all depends on the needs of your workplace. 

With these factors in mind, you will be able to easily make a decision now! 

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