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Bottled / Mineral Water & Milk


Hydrate Right with Bottled/Mineral Water & Milk:

Hydrate right with Bottled/Mineral Water & Milk, a diverse selection of premium beverages available at Home n Office. Choose from renowned brands like Evian and Ice Mountain to experience the crisp and refreshing taste of quality bottled and mineral water.

From the pristine Alps to your cup, Evian offers a pure and revitalizing choice, while Ice Mountain provides a refreshing taste sourced from natural springs. Additionally, complement your hydration routine with UHT Milk, combining convenience with nutrition. Whether it's the pristine purity of Evian, the refreshing quality of Ice Mountain, or the wholesome goodness of UHT Milk, Home n Office brings you a variety of options to ensure you hydrate right and enjoy the nourishment you deserve throughout your day.