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Mounting Tape

3M Scotch Super Heavy Duty Double-Sided Foam Tape KCV-15 (15mm x 1m) Vehicle Interior Grey

  • $11.05 Save 5%
  • Price before GST: $10.23

Retail Price: $11.60

Bulk Quantity    10 & above Bulk Price            $10.45 Save 10% *same colour, same size etc.

  • Grey in Colour
  • Weather-Resistant & Holds Securely
  • Plastic to Plastic: Up to 230g/2cm tape
  • Stainless Steel to Stainless Steel: Up to 660g/2cm tape
  • Faster, Safer & More Versatile than Screws, Drills, Bolts and Nuts
  • Excellent for Mounting on Vehicle Interior Surfaces (eg. Vehicle Dashboard & Vinyl Surfaces)