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Casio Financial Calculator FC-200V 10+2 Digits

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Direct mode key

A Simple Interest
Interest amount, principal and interest
B Compound Interest
Payment period, interest rate, deposit amount, future value
C Investment Appraisal (Cash Flow)
Net present value method, internal rate of return method etc
D Amortization
Monthly payment, principal and interest to date
E General and Function
Virtually the same functions as a standard calculator
F Statistical and Regression
Statistical calculations using input sample data
G Interest Rate Conversion
Nominal interest rate and effective interest rate conversion
H Cost, Selling Price or Margin
Calculation of any of the above values after inputting the other two
I Day or Date Calculations
Virtually the same as a standard calculator
J Depreciation
Straight line-method, declining balance method
K Bond Calculation
Purchase price, annual yield
L Break-Even Point
Six modes for calculation of break-even point, etc